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Sherri Gladney

Artist & Speaker


Sherrí is a free fun-loving personality that lights up the room when she enters it. With a natural zeal and love for God and his people. She answered the call of God on her life in February 1999 and hasn’t looked back. She went on to Rhema Bible College to get the necessary biblical teaching and practical skills needed to minister to God’s people effectively. She is a well respected psalmist and speaker, and recent years she’s traveled to Kraków Poland and Brussels Belgium ministering the word of God and song. But what really excites her, or her day-to-day interactions with people that God brings into her life because they need a touch from Him, this really lights her fire for God. She’s committed to the personal development and mentoring of the people that He brings into her life. Her ministry style takes on a prophetic tone as she yields herself to Holy Spirit, whether it’s music or in teaching of the word of God she completely gives herself to hear what the Spirit of the Lord wants to say to his people. When Sherrí was ask how does she described herself she simply said “I’m just a girl that loves God” Her passion for worship is quite evident when she ministers, she leave it all on the platform. She allows God to use her to challenge every believer to enter into deeper more intimate worship with Him.

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Believe what you don’t see, the reward is… you get to see what you Believe!!!

Sherri Gladney

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